Yuvaaon ki Apni Jagah


Youth from marginalized and vulnerable communities are faced with a lack of resources, information & exposure. Most of them are first-time learners, and hence lack guidance and support systems. As a result, few marginalized youth are able to utilize existing schemes & policies for their development. Further, challenges of social discrimination have significantly dented their self-confidence and self-esteem. All of this combines in limiting their ability to effectively address their problems. It is imperative that such youth have access to platforms which enable them to overcome these challenges, chart out a life trajectory and discover their true potential.

Hence, Yuvaalya (or Youth Resource Center) was formed with the vision of creating a space which is for the youth, by the youth and of the youth. As a self-owned and self-designed space of young people, it ensures that they not only gain access to resources that fulfill their practical needs but also creates a platform where they are able to deeply engage with their communities and understand themselves. This multi-faceted approach of yuvaalya results in empowered youth who are positively transforming their lives and their communities. 

Currently, Yuvaalya runs in two areas - Handia and Harda block of Harda district and covers a diverse group of population from rural and semi-urban areas of the district.




What Does Yuvaalya Offer?

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Program Design