Transforming Civic Education in Schools


Initiated with the aim of strengthening civic education among the citizens from an early age, the program is currently operational in four Government schools of Harda district with the students and teachers of Middle and High Schools.

Through a set of ideals, principles and rules, our Constitution provides basic guidelines for people to harmoniously co-exist with each other. This includes not only how the people want to be governed, but also certain values which they all believe the society should uphold. Education can play a big role in promoting these values amongst adolescents and youth. However, the topics on the Citizenship and Constitution deal only with theoretical way.
These facts are delivered to learners in a lecture mode and the students are expected to memorize the facts for the purpose of examinations.
As a result, the learners are not able to actively engage with the topic. They may know, say, what the Active citizenship and fundamental rights are, but are usually unable to reflect on why active citizenship and why these rights exist or are needed, how they apply in various contexts, how they aid or hinder the lifestyle preferences of different people, and how the learners themselves may be in accordance or violation of some of these rights while practicing the social & cultural norms they take for granted.
Our approach to holistic Active Citizenship & constitutional education focuses on a conducive learning environment, curriculum and
pedagogy. In partnership with the teachers and the education experts, we are developing a curriculum for students from class 6th to class 9th which includes :
  • engaging the learners through discussions and debates on the principles and ideals of the Constitution
  • inclass simulations and activities
  • out-of the class activities based on application of values and principles across diverse real world interactions followed by inclass reflections
  • group-based civic action projects.